Who is Chance Hogan


Meet Chance Hogan the Wedding Photographer

If you are reading my blog, I want start by saying thank you for your interest in me. As you have read in my Bio, I came from a very loving single mother who raised me to be respectful and work for what I want. You also read about the love for my wife and son, and my passion for Photography. In this blog, I would like to go in depth of who I am and why I chose to be a wedding photographer.

I was born and raised in Austin and I have seen this city grow very fast and lose some of its famous icons. I have seen a field of trees become shopping centers and locations where there was no traffic become congested. I love living in Austin because of the people and the opportunity the city brings. Austinites are unique in their own way and I don’t consider it weird, as I love the corkiness. When you book your wedding or another shoot with me you can be assure, I will be there on time as I am very familiar with the city.

I was born in East Austin and moved to North Austin, later graduating from John B. Connally high school and then attending Austin community college, where I transferred to Texas State. After my first year the drive to Texas State from North Austin became too much for me, so I transferred to Huston-Tilotson University. Once I graduated with my Bachelors degree, I wanted more, so I attended Concordia University, where I received my Masters in Business Administration degree.

Before graduate school, I started working a corporate job and continued until I graduated. I worked for corporate America for 8 years, until I figured I wanted to follow my passion with a skill I learned while in my undergraduate program and that was photography. I fell in love with photography and editing photos that I couldn’t turn resist my passion.

I started my business in March of 2017 and started all efforts that go along with running a small business. After I started my business, I continued working my corporate job and photographing clients on the weekend. My job required 45 to 55 hours a week, so you can see the exhaustion with working two jobs. The turn of 2018 I was going to give my business my 100% and everything and I was able to quit my job in the summer.

I followed my passion and left my corporate job and I always tell people, never run from something, but leave on good terms. My co-workers and management were so sweet that they threw me a big party and gave me a emotional card on my last day. I still have that card hanging up in my office. When I quit my job I was nervous and scared to be honest. I am use to receiving a pay check every two weeks and not when I book a client, but I was willing to take on that challenge.

What I love most about having my own business is spending time with my son and wife that I wasn’t able to do before. This Christmas I was able to spend a lot more time with my family than ever before and I love picking my son up from school and doing homework with him.

I love meeting new clients and capturing that special day in their life. When I started photography, I photographed newborns, families, couples, and senior portraits. I started weddings in early 2018 when a client asked me to photograph their wedding after a couples portraits and I had so much fun. Weddings are different than other photography and its capturing a special moment and a day that can never be duplicated again. I can’t describe the joy, I get when I am at a wedding and the emotions when my clients get their online gallery and prints.

I want you to know my focus is on weddings and only weddings and not like some photographers who photograph an occasional wedding. Some photographers shoot weddings and don’t enjoy them, but I enjoy what I do and my clients see it when they hire me. I am a full time professional photographer that will make sure you get a quality engagement session, bridal portraits, or boudoir session along with your wedding day.

I never only focus solely on great photographs, but also outstanding customer service for my clients. When clients book with me, they receive my cell phone along with my office phone and are free to text or call me anytime. I go out of my way to calm my clients nerves before their big day, bridal, engagement, or boudoir session. I will work hard for you on your wedding and I never just consider it another wedding tally for the year. At the weddings I photograph, I show respect to everyone including the guest, vendors, and suppliers. I have even put down my camera to help set up at a wedding.

Leaving corporate America has not come without its challenges and I will have another blog elaborating on this later. I am very spiritual and a big believer in God and I believe he has a journey for me, with that being said you must have patience in this business. I believe the clients that I do book are with the grace of God.

I wanted to share my past with you, in order to give some insight on me as a person. I hope you hire me as your wedding photographer or even just engagement or boudoir photographer and if you have any questions please contact me.

Chance Hogan