Common Questions about Boudoir Photo Sessions

  1. What is Boudoir?

    Boudoir is not a nude photo shoot, but rather a tasteful sexy photoshoot. I always strive to make my clients feel comfortable and will never do anything to push that envelope. Clients come back to me when I not only provide great photographs, but provide a great customer service.

  2. Where is A Boudoir Session photographed?

    Boudoir can be photographed almost anywhere, but since I no longer have my studio, I photograph my clients at there residence or the hotel of their choice. I can bring all my lighting equipment to your residence and photograph you in spots that appeal to boudoir. For Instance, in your residence I might choose the kitchen on the countertop, on your couch, in front of a window, in front of a mirror, or in a bed.

    I also photograph Boudoir sessions at local hotels in Austin, TX and I bring all my gear for that perfect photo. Places I use around the hotel are the bed, headboard, mirrors, windows, couch, or large walls.

  3. Can I bring anyone to the Boudoir shoot?

    Yes, I prefer you bring someone or I can bring my assistant. My assistant is a female that will help with positioning you and moving garments, hair, and clothing in the right place for the perfect photo. I typically do not touch my clients as I do the mirror rule and have my clients mirror me, so I will act out the poses (LOL).

  4. What kind of equipment do you use?

    I use strobe/flash lights with a large soft box and a Canon full frame camera. I often try and place my clients by the window, so I can obtain the natural light that might come through.

  5. Is hair and makeup provided?

    Hair and makeup is not provided, but I do know several makeup artist that have assisted me with other photo sessions that would be glad to help me. There is an $200 additional cost for a hair and makeup artist.

  6. What do I wear to a Boudoir Photo Session?

    At a Boudoir Photo Session you can wear anything you would like. Lingerie is commonly used as it is a sexy piece of clothing. The type of lingerie is up to the client and I want the client to feel comfortable, as it will reflect in the photos. Another type of clothing for Boudoir photos, is a large button up shirt with a pair of long white socks. Some of my clients have used NFL, NBA, or NCAA college jerseys. Also feel free to bring any amount of heels that you feel will coordinate with your outfits.

    The color choice of outfits is up to the client as I will work with any color. Also Tattoos are not an issue or different color hair.

  7. Do I wear my hair up or down?

    I prefer you wear your hair down that day as I will have you rub your hands through your hair or lift it up on certain photos.

  8. Do I need to learn poses.

    Please feel free to get inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest, but I will pose you and make you feel comfortable. I love to show my clients that sexy fiery eye look and I will teach you to be a great model for your session. If you take bad Boudoir photos it is my fault and not the clients.

  9. Do you use Boudoir Photos for marketing purposes?

    I never use a clients photos for marketing purposes and they are only for the eyes of the bride/groom, fiancé, or the boyfriend/girlfriend. I also never post any photos on my website or any social media platforms. When I send my client their online gallery, it is password encrypted and separate from your wedding photos.

    FYI, The young lady on my website is a model and she gave full permission to use the Boudoir session for my website and my Facebook page.

    I hope you choose me as your wedding photographer and/or Boudoir Photographer. Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

  10. Photographer?

    Yes I am a male photographer, but I go out of my way to make my clients feel comfortable before the photo sessions, during the photo session, and after your session. I will go out of my way to make a client feel comfortable before a photo session and at a photo shoot there is always another female with me. The hair/make up artist usually hangs around during the photo session or my female assistant is at the location.

    When a client decides to book their appointment and the deposit is paid, I set up a meeting with the client at a local coffee, tea, or wine bar. If a client would like to chat via phone, before their shoot I am always available.

    During the meeting, I let the client ask me any questions face to face, so you can see my passion and sincerity when answering the questions. It also gives you a chance to meet me before your session and I will bring a photo album of my past work (the work was done by a model who I have permission to use). I will also show you my online gallery of a Boudoir shoot.

    During the photo session I will never ask you to do something that makes you feel comfortable. I will never ask you to remove a piece of clothing and the wardrobe is the clients choice. I like using the environment and poses to bring out the clients sexiness, rather than the client losing an article of clothing.

    After the clients photo session, I ask that we meet up for a brief period to give you your album or I can mail it if the client is not available.