Q, Where are you located?

A. I am located in the great city of Austin, TX, and I travel all over the Austin and Texas for weddings.

Q. Do you travel for a Wedding, Boudoir, Engagement, or Bridal Session?

A. Yes, I do travel outside of Austin for a photo shoot or wedding for no extra charge. If you are an Austenite, but thinking about having your wedding outside of Austin, please contact me for the additional price. The final price I quote or you pay includes the distance from Austin, the need to stay over night, and means of travel to the desired destination.

Q. Do you charge Taxes?

A. Yes, the state of Texas requires I charge taxes on my photo sessions, as I am producing a tangible good. In other words your photo session will include taxes on your invoice. Taxes are also charged on the purchase of prints, cards, and albums.

Q. Why did you choose Wedding Photography?

A. I chose Wedding photography, because I love to work with people and meet new people. I love art and I like to make art through my camera. However, some photographers hate to be called artist, but I consider myself to be an artist with my camera. I can't describe the feeling I get when my clients view their edited images after their Wedding, as it makes all the hard work worth it. I love to share the timeless events with my clients and I am honored when they choose me as their Wedding photographer. The portrait photography I offer includes: Engagement, Bridal, Boudoir, and Weddings.

Q. How far in advance should you book your appointment?

A. You should book your appointment as soon as possible, no matter if its months from now. I only book two appointments a day for Bridal, Engagement, or Boudoir, so that special day may not be available if you wait. I also take same day appointments if available.

I only book one Wedding a day, so if you are having your wedding on a very popular day or during the Austin Wedding season, you might want to pay the 20% deposit to save your day. Once deposit is paid, you can schedule your Bridal, Boudoir, or Engagement photo session.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You are allowed to cancel your appointment anytime before your photo session, but out of respect I ask that you cancel at a minimum of 24 hours. Weddings must be cancelled 48 hours before the ceremony.

There is so much preparation that goes into each photo shoot and travel, so I ask that you give at least a 24 hour notice for Boudoir, Engagement, or Bridal portraits. Your 20% deposit will be forfeited, but can be applied once you reschedule. If you paid in full, I will refund 80% via the method you paid.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes, Beyachance Photography offers payment plans for clients. My payment plans require you pay 20% down and we can set up a plan for the remaining balance. I give up to six months to pay off your balance and will not order your prints, release digital prints, or release your online gallery until paid in full. Once 20% is paid we can set up the photo shoot and choose a location. Once the photo shoot is complete, I will edit the photos and have them ready for when your balance is paid off.

Q. Where do you order your prints from?

A. The prints for my packages are ordered through Miller's Professional Imaging and is one of the best printing companies in the United States. Miller's uses high quality printing paper and high quality printers to get some of the best images money can buy. Also, the images ordered through your online gallery will be printed through Miller's Professional Imaging and delivered to your door or mailed to you.

Q. Why do the prints in my online gallery cost so much?

A. Millers Professional Imaging uses high quality printers and paper and will ship direct to your door. The quality is much better than if you were to print at a local drug store or a membership store. The printers at these store lack true quality and cause color issues with your prints. Miller's Professional imaging will resize your photos, so they don't look pixelated when you order larger prints. 

If you take the time and money for a professional photographer, why not pay for high quality prints? 

Q. What type of payments do you accept?

A. Beyachance Photography accepts PayPal, Cash, Square, Stripe, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Checks.

Q. What is your turn around time?

A. I typically try and get your edited photographs for your online gallery to you within 48 to 72 hours and weddings within one week. Due to volume that can change and I will communicate with you before your photo session.

Q. Tell me about your pricing?

A. There is so much hard work that go into making the photographing experience and photograph stunning. My prices include the photo shoot session, editing, skin touch up, teeth whitening, ordering prints, making the online gallery, and travel. The photo shoot is just the beginning, but then I edit each photograph and on average a single photograph takes 8 to 15 minutes to edit. The portrait package is another factor that effects pricing, which on average the packages I offer are $200 value and more for the wedding packages. 

Q. How many portraits do I get from a typical photo session?

A. Typically, I can produce 30 to 50 images in a three hour Engagement, Boudoir, or Bridal photo shoot, but other factors can lower that number such as wardrobe changes, running late,  number of participants, or props usage.

Q. What is your education?

A. I have an MBA that assist me with the business side of my photography business, but that is just the beginning. I am currently working on getting my Certified Professional Photographer's designation (CPP), so I can have proof of being a professional photographer. The CPP requires a exam that must be passed and a submitted photograph to be critiqued by other professional photographers.

I am currently a member of Texas Professional Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of America. These particular memberships update me with news and training, I need to stay current on my photography skills. The membership also connects me with other experienced portrait photographers in the industry.

As your future Wedding photographer I am always strengthening my skills outside of photo shoots, as I want to blow you away when you see your photographs.