Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. General – What You Need to Know

Wedding Photography is no easy subject and interviewing potential wedding photographers can be a daunting task. I have created a list of 15 questions and answers to help you decide if I am right for you.

2. What is your primary style?

My primary style is modern, vintage, or bright and airy for weddings as commonly used in the state of Texas. I will accomadate to the brides style or the style of the wedding, as I will get a good idea during the engagement session.

3. How many weddings have you shot, and have you shot ones similar to mine?

I have over 10 years in photography and one year as a wedding photographer. I am a new photographer with fresh ideas and eager to work with you as my client. With my company you will not just be another wedding or a number to the bottom line. I will answer any and all questions up until the big day and after the wedding. Even if you email me in the middle of the night, you will get a reply.

This is your big day and I want it to be the best experience for you and I want to capture that moment for you to have for a lifetime. I want to capture the tears, the laughter, and the dancing.

4. How many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer?

In my year of wedding photography, I have worked over a dozen weddings and I have over a dozen lined up for next year. My goal is to take my experience I have with portrait photography with capturing portraits shots and candid shots and compose a great wedding album for you. I will work hard for you and coordinate with your wedding planner to make sure I have the time needed to get photos of the big day. Click here for the wedding check list.

5. How many other events will you photograph that weekend?

If I am chosen for your profesional photographer for your wedding, you will be my only job for that day. I want to concentrate on your wedding and capturing great photography is my top priority. I do not want to arrive late or have to leave early. I will be there early to take pics of the bride and groom getting ready, photos of the reception before the guest arrive, exchange of gifts, teary eyed parents, and guest as they come in.

6. Will a contract of the services be provided? If so, can I get a copy?

Yes, I have a contract that I will email you or have you sign in person and will not be able to work until it is signed. I will provide you copies of all contracts along with a print release for the digital copies.

7. What happens if the photographer is ill?

This is highly unlikely, but for some reason I cant walk or talk I will have a stand by photographer come in and take the photographs. I make sure to take my vitamins everyday and stay healthy, because when you hire me I want you to count on me and trust me. 

8. Do you have insurance?

I currently have general business liability insurance for any accidents that may occur due to my negligence. I will be glad to show you a copy of my insurance and my declarations page prior to booking the wedding.

9. Does the package I am interested in include an assistant?

If your wedding has 300 or more guests, I will bring an assistant to help me with taking photographs (not a second shooter unless requested). I normaly dont work with an asistant as my goal is to capture candid shots and not be in the way at your wedding. You may have a videographer and I do not want to be seen in your videos taken photos.

10. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post production?

Yes, all photographs will be edited to your style chosen. Some edits take longer than others and all edits will be complete a week after the wedding. I will order prints after you have had 48 hours to review them via your online gallery. The prints usually take two weeks to arrive and can be shipped to my studio or your residence.

11. Will you color correct my images?

Since color correction is the basic post production, it should be used on every single image. Yes, I will correct images and touch up skin tones. Many photographers will not color correct any, or will only color correct “select” images from your wedding. This means that you may have a lot of pictures where your skin tones are orange, yellow, red or even blue.

12. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

Our studio uses top quality camera bodies, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 80D, and the Canon 1D Mark 3 with Sigma and Canon lenses. Click here to see what’s in Our Photography Toolbox. While wedding photographers don’t necessarily need the best of the best, it is important to have a good set of equipment. I make sure to have at least the following items along with backups on your wedding day. Nothing would be worse than for a photographer to miss half of your wedding, because his camera or lens broke.

13. Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?

Knowing up front my photographry policy on overages is critical. Currently, I will not charge an overage and that is the reason I do not schedule any other appointments that day. You don’t want to be surprised when your wedding photographer asks for an additional $1,000 before they release your photos to you. Even worse, you don’t want your wedding photographer to just pack up and leave when their time is up.

14. What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear?

Even though the wedding photographers are a big part of the wedding day, it’s important that they are not distractions. As such, it’s important that I blend in as much as possible. Furthermore, for religious or cultural ceremonies, there may be certain colors that are considered taboo and I will obtain more direction. I will be dressed appropriately and proffesionally for the occasion. Typically, my attire is black or tan suit pants with a colored vest and a button up white shirt. I dress completely profesional as I want to go unnoticed by the client and guests, so that we can capture the event as photo journalists.

15. How long after the event will the proofs, album, etc be ready?

Each wedding photography studio varies in the time it takes to produce and deliver your pictures. Studios that do not do any post production or color correction may try to entice you by saying your wedding photos will be ready within a few days, or even the next day. However, most studios that develop and produce their images will take longer than a few days. Edits take time and I do not want to rush through them. Each picture on average takes 8-12 minutes to edit and color correct.

Beyachance Photography has developed a consistent production schedule in order to deliver an amazing product in an exceptionally quick manner. This schedule can be seen below:

  • 48 to 72 hours for Engagement, Boudoir, or Bridal Portraits

  • 1 Week for Weddings and Receptions Photographs.