Outdoor Headshots


The first thing that you should know, starting with natural light headshot, is the nature of light itself. Natural light can be as inclement as the weather itself. It keeps changing, playing havoc with your headshots and you really can’t do much about it, except may be work around it. If you hire me as your headshot photographer, I will make sure I catch the correct amount of light, so that you have professional headshots.

Morning light is a bit softer. Mid-day light is harsh. Again, if you plan to shoot sometime in the late afternoon, depending on the latitude you are at, expect a warm yellowish light. This time of the day is also known as golden hour, because of the tone of the light. Knowing the nature of light will allow you to plan the timing of the shoot accordingly. Nevertheless, natural light photography is a challenge and like every other obstacle in photography it requires a unique approach.